just so you know....

it is quite possible to down a cup of piping hot coffee in less than 2.2 minutes.

so i was up until 1:30 am... knitting.. yes. i am more than dedicated. and maybe a little crazy. it wouldn't be so bad if my little hadn't had a nightmare at 5am, and then just after 7am i thought... whatever, and crawled out of bed. :)
the hubs gets a couple of days off from being at sea... so here's hoping these knitting needles of mine do anything but catch fire. hah.

of course i'm not just talking about market knitting... i have ridiculous plans. it's ok though, cause it will get done. owen's mittens are just about done! and i totally have plans for a sweater for me before the market. what? stop laughing. oh yah, and there's christmas. but i don't need to start that until december... right?

how's your week looking so far? anyone else on the same line of irrational thinking as i am? what are you crafting on these days? i'm already on my third cup of coffee, and i'm more than ready to chat! xo


  1. Can I just say how much I love that coffee-owl picture???
    As to your knitting, there must have been something in the air. I stayed up way past me bedtime (not 1:30AM though)trying to knit a 2-color hat (unsuccessfully I might add).
    But seriously, you are machine.

  2. I have ridiculous plans for holiday knitting, too. And sewing. I always get ambitious, and then finish about half of my plans. I'm okay with that, though. There's always birthdays. Or next Christmas. ;)

  3. I hear ya girl! Thankfully I started my Christmas knitting in October (um, what?) and so have already got 2 pairs of mittens, a pair of socks and a scarflet knit finished for gifting - however, I keep making more and more goals for the holiday season. A sweater for the sailorman, a sweater for me, and a pair of socks for me being recently added to the list of "to-do"s. ha. Knitting to-do lists NEVER get shorter!

  4. So my plans for today have nothing to do with crafts...I just want to get my bedroom cleaned & furniture moved...it has been too long. What is ambitious is that I'm doing this with the kids at home & if I start has to be done by tonight so we can go to bed! Wish me luck :)

  5. monica - i too love this owl picture. hahaha owls are cute. i'm feeling a little tired today, but i do anticipate some very late nights for me up until christmas, probably. haha.

    jacey - so glad to hear that i'm not the only one with ridiculous holiday knitting lists. hahaha. great idea to say we're starting early for next christmas? :)

    mae - you go girl! already that much done for christmas! i bet i'm on your list, right? haha just kidding ;) good luck with the sweaters too! i'm totally going to get mine done....totally...

    buffy - woot woot! it's been forever since i've moved furniture around! i love moving stuff around... unfortunately our place doesn't really have a lot of free space to be choosy with furniture placement. you'll be so tired tonight, but your place will look new and different! you can do it! so exciting!


  6. Knitpicks interchangeables are making it a little bit too easy to have several projects going on at once...after I finish my current projects (Audrey, handwarmers for my two babies, birthday scarf for my bro) I'm going to dive into christmas crafting. Hopefully the "joy of giving" will be enough fuel to keep me going 'til the end.
    I'm personally glad to have found knitting/crafting buddies in the blogosphere who offer great support during this "homestretch"...yay!

  7. LOVE that owl/coffee pic. Too cool! I can't do 1:30 for the life of me anymore! 1am is my cutoff since B started getting up between 5 and 6!

  8. hannah - i looove my knitpicks... they make me knit faster.. haha and yes, they allow for several projects on the go at the same time. though lately i'm just powering through projects. :) i am so looking forward to seeing your FO's! and i fully agree with the love of finding knitting/crafting buddies in the blogosphere. it's awesome!

    rosa - haha i'm totally feeling the late nights.. but i'll push through... with more coffee... and then one day i'll just collapse probably. how old is B now?

  9. I am complete irrational about my Christmas crafting and the knitting I need to get done. i sadly only had one cup of coffee today at Goodyear when I was getting an old change. That is just sad. I am compiling a list of crafts for gifts right now. Lets hope I can finalize it, and not get anymore ideas from Pinterest.

  10. I have to say there really is something in the air? Maybe it's the season or the fact that the Xmas holidays are creeping closer? But I was up until 2am knitting as well! Wish I could say I was present knitting...but I wasn't.

    Take care of your hands though Rebecca! Remember to stretch them out from time to time! This is coming from someone who always forgets to do that! ;)

  11. melissa - i'm glad i'm not the only one pushing through the crazy hours of crafting :) and yes.. i'll keep stretching those hands :)

    seriouslysassamama - pinterest gets me every time too! just when i think i have it all under control, i get this fabulous idea and i'm so inspired to really go all out. hahah.


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