really good intentions....

my plans for todays post really were:
- to have our meals for the week up
- to share with you how our weekend went
- to show you progress on all of my hard (knitterly) work....

would you believe me that i didn't take very many pictures, that i didn't actually make a meal plan... and that our weekend went by waaay to quickly? it's true! and i'm sorry. *scuffs feet*

as always it takes time to readjust to a new routine.. and this is the first monday that we didn't have to bring les to work because he'd be going to sea... so it's a new routine.. (and i'm happy for it!) and when readjusting to a new routine, as you know... all of the best laid plans are not always followed through... :)
i had a lovely weekend though!!! and i made much progress on the knitting front! i can't wait to share it all with you!

and as long as we're on a roll with good intentions..... (ahem). i need to confess something. i'm horrible at exercising. just plain horrible. (though i wasen't always this way...)  i want to, i really do, but i find every excuse in the book not to. i feel pretty bad about it. because i've got the little at home with me, i can't just go for a run... but i do have some exercise videos here, (that i probably won't mention the name of)...but i really can feel my body pleading to me to pay attention to it... to feed it better, and to stretch it out....

so now that that's out, i'm hoping i'll get my butt in gear, and do at least something every day.. even if it's just a few minutes...

i know there is no secret to it... that you just have to do it, and organizing my day will be key... especially with balancing it with housework, the little, and knitting.... but i can do it, ... right? of course, if any of you have any tips... i'd love to hear them...i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little overwhelmed at how i can fit all of what i want to accomplish in a day in....

but i bet that once i get my butt in gear (and in shape) balancing the rest of my crazy life will work itself out... and i hope know there will be time for it all...

how was your weekend? did you get lots of crafting done? how do you balance everything that needs to be done in your day? do you write it out as a schedule? do you just hold your breath and hope that by the end of the day everything magically gets done? (what? i bet you've done that lots) ;) i'd really love to hear from you, and i'm in the mood to chat! xo


  1. When mine were little I found it hard to fit it all in too. Now that mine are both at school all day (they're 7 & 5), I find it easier to fit it all in. I didn't say it all gets done, I said it's easier... Now I run 3 days a week (the 3 days I don't volunteer at their school!), but it was definitely a process and took time to find a balance. You'll get there. Don't give up!

  2. thanks kelli, i know i need the encouragement! i know i can get there...if i stick to it... (that's always the hard part, hey?) :) so good for you that you're running 3 days a week! that's great!!!

  3. I just try to keep my head above water most days. As long as everyone is dressed, fed, and not covered in too much dirt, that's success enough for me right now! I wish I had a little more me time to do the things that energize me, like knitting, sewing, and exercise.

  4. amy - it's so hard isn't it? and i only have one kiddo right now. i know it's gotta be so much more of a juggling act with more kids! i really think that i'll just be able to cope more, if i'm in better shape... here's hoping! xo

  5. Did you know that just going grocery shopping burns up to 200 calories and hour? Or that many of the household chores you do daily count for daily exercise? It's true. I find that when I'm needing to work out I just strap the baby in the back pack carrier and vacuum for 20 minutes. It's something that HAS to be done but gets more accomplished.

    With five kids I just can't justify going to 'work out' so I find the things that have to be done and figure out a way to make it just a tad harder so I'm burning more calories. That said it isn't always perfect nor do I do this all the time.

  6. I made it a priority to go to the gym and they have a great playroom there for my little one. I count it as my 'me' time. I work in a few strength training classes per week and then work in cardio whenever I can (running on treadmill, taking dog for a walk, sprinting up a flight of stairs). It's not easy, but when you make it a priority (behind getting the kids fed, clothed) it gets easier. I also tag on errands after my gym time, usually grocery shopping :)

  7. buffy- those are some great tips there! i love how you know those quirky stats! haha :) i agree that finding something that needs to be done, and add an element of strength building to it would be great! now that's multitasking! love it.
    erika- i really hope to join a running club actually... something i can do in the evenings.. and i think that usually they only go for so many weeks, so i could arrange to do one while the hubs is around.

    thanks for all of the tips! xo


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