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if you haven't already joined in the carefree cowl knit along, well you just plain should ;) shannon of luvinthemommyhood and i are joining forces here. there is tons of support on the ravelry thread all about the knit along, and some great chats!

i'm so excited to see how enthusiastic everyone is. so many wonderful cowls, and a few of you on your second and third cowls already! woot woot! i've gotta say, that's inspiration!
well you already know the cowl pattern i've chosen, but for the sake of just repeating myself, i will...repeat myself ;)
i'm doing the bandana cowl by the purl bee. i LOOOVE it!

funnily enough, when i first picked this pattern, there were very few project pages on ravelry for this pattern. since then though, this has really caught people's eye. (of course, it's such a lovely cowl!) and now it's becoming a fave in the KAL as well! yippee!

i really thought about ordering in some yarn from the purl bee, and i know it would have been just sublime.. but the price was hefty. $12 just for shipping.. eeks! i thought about the cascade ecological wool too, but the yardage is huge... and honestly, with market knitting, i have enough yarn here at the moment. (save for one other project that i'm crossing my fingers for... another post though... )
but enough chit chat...  i know you're dying to know what i'm knitting it up in.... ok time to spill the beans...

i'm knitting with berroco vintage chunky.and so far i'm loving it!
truth be told, i just didn't want to justify $43 for one skein.. well not right now anyways... and then i saw this. my LYS was having a sale, well it's just so squishy! I've never knit in berroco vintage before at all. so i'm pretty pleased with my experience so far! and the colour? i loooove it. this one is called black cherry..

Source: yarn.com via Rebecca on Pinterest
i mean seriously... isn't it so pretty?? yes, so very very pretty. :)
 first of all, bandanas are cool.. and second, well red bandanas... ?? umm hello. lately i've been on a red kick. i love it. it's probably the cooler weather.. but it's awesome. i was going to go for a more vibrant red, but truth be told, it just didn't look as good up against my skin.

this colour is really so lovely. it's so rich, and warm. perfect for the winter.

the thing that's so great about cowls, is that they are such quick knits! really, it's easy to whip up a few of them. and perfect timing for christmas pressies, don't ya think? the wonderful thing about the knit along is having such an army of knitters all knitting the same accessory! what a resource it is! so if you're looking for cowl patterns, aren't sure of a yarn choice, or need the support of someone making the same project as you... this KAL is really for you! we're a friendly bunch, i promise! have i convinced you? well the lovely shannon of luvinthemommyhood has made us a nifty button to sport on our blogs! want one?

isn't she just so talented? :) go on, grab a button here, and put it on your lovely blogs. thanks for showing your support for the carefree cowl knit along!

also if you haven't signed up for the KAL yet, just head on over to the link below and sign on up! the deadline is november 9th, so you've still got lots of time.

did you see that shannon has already finished her first cowl? you're amazing! head on over to luvinthemommyhood and check it out!

and don't forget to check out her shout out about jane richmond's newest design! i'm in love... and goodness, audry's on the brain!

how are you doing on your cowls? are you knitting more than one? what are your fave patterns so far? and what's the colour you're gravitating most to for this knit along? i'm always up for a chat, so go on, grab a coffee, your knitting and let's get cozy. xo


  1. That color is going to look so awesome on you!!! Love it! We can be bandana girls together :) xoxox

  2. totally!! thanks for your help in picking out the yarn! xo

  3. Love it too! I got to wear mine in public today...so much fun to break out the knitting accessories. I'm sooooo in love with the yarn I chose for my Cedar Leaf Shawlette and even though there's 270 stitches on the needles I love that I'm working top down and not side to side. There is definitely something therapeutic about the consistency of a long row of knitted stitches.

  4. The more I look at this pattern, the more I want to knit it, it looks so cozy and has just the right amount of interest...

    Purl Soho could be considered my LYS, but with two babies it's hard to get down there. It's every bit as dreamy as it looks in pics.

    Can't wait to see your finished product, I love the color!

  5. buffy - i totally agree in knitting being therapeutic. i love it! i bet you look fab in your cowl!

    hannah- you should totally knit this pattern! lucky you are so close to Purl Soho! though, i totally understand with trying to go with 2 babies. that's tough.

  6. Even without shipping I, like you, cannot justify paying out $32 for a skein of yarn, especially when I just purchased a couple skeins of soft, bulky, merino/alpaca blend that will do more than fine.

    I love this cowl knit-along because even though many are doing the same pattern, it's inspiring to see all the different yarns and versions. I'm learning a lot!

  7. hannah- yes, it was hard for me to justify at this point in time... i'm so glad you're enjoying this knit along! your reasons for loving it is really why i love them too! so inspiring to see so many versions of the same patterns! yippee for knit-alongs!

  8. hi! posted on ravelry as well. looking to adapt the pattern to a yarn that's 5 to the inch. thoughts?



  9. hi anna! i also wrote back on the feed on ravelry for the luvinthemommyhood group in the cowl KAL. but i like chatting, so i'll repeat :) i did find a few things {off} with this pattern... first off, i do love it, but i used a yarn that had more yardage than the required amount in the pattern and i used almost my whole skein... also i knitted with a smaller needle.. a 5.5mm... which yarn are you trying to knit up your cowl in? if you have too many stitches to the inch, you'll want to go up a needle size, and if you don't have enough stitches to the inch, you'll want to go down in needle size. also, one thing to note, your cowl will be much longer at the point in the pattern when it says to knit until 11" from the tip of the CO edge. with such a bulky yarn, it just knits up fatter, and thus the cowl being longer.

    all that being said though, i love my cowl.. and there will be a post soon on all of the details! along with pictures, of course :) good luck. and let me know how you're doing!


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