hooks too!

i talk a lot about knitting here.... but for the record, i also like crochet! grab a hook, and a cup of coffee, i've found some beauties!

i used to think that knitting was far more versitile than crochet... i'm not sure why, but i don't think that anymore.... !! nope, i don't :) just look at all of this yarny goodnes.. so much colour, and warmth!

and one day soon i really really want to make this for my home.... or a version of it.. maybe cushions for my chairs at the kitchen table? i love.. love...

and this gorgeous pillow... *swoon*. so beautiful!

these are way too cute, and just scream summer. must. have.

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and just because it's way too amazing not to notice. look!! so so stunning!! i would wear this. i really would.

i do have crochet projects on my ravelry page, and please do check them out! one of my biggest crochet projects is babette... i need to get some better pictures up for that one.. it's now living on my couch, where it gets the most love...

  i have promised myself to make a ripple blanket, with lots of colour... hopefully this summer! that's along with the fabulous knit along that i've joined through luvinthemommyhood. did you see the new button on my sidebar? love it! if you head on over to her site, she's got one for you too, should you join in on the knitalong!! i think you should sign up. it would be fun!
but yes, along with this wonderful knitalong, i plan on doing a lot of other projects... i have to finish the big sweater for the hubs... he's been waiting a while.. haha , don't worry, i'll have lots of pictures to share...
i've got some goodies going up in the shop this weekend too! not to mention christmas markets to be working on, and orders to fill... ohhh so much crafting to look forward to this summer! i'm excited!

what do you have planned for your weekend? are you also a crocheter? i'd love to see your projects, send a link here!! i feel like chatting, so please send a comment or two my way, i'd love to hear from you!


  1. If I had that dress I'd need 3 or 4 because I'd wear it every day! No joke. Actually, seeing it makes me wish I knew how to crochet, well scratch that, I wish I knew how to read a crochet pattern.

    Those adorable flip flops! LOVE!

    This weekend I have big plans to...clean my house. Sad but true. Hope yours is a little more yarn filled.

  2. i'm loving all of these crochet things! i think i'll definitely have to pick up my crochet hook this summer! reading a pattern is not that hard, you can do it!!

    and yes those flip flops.. ugh. so... cute!.

    we are having incredible weather here, so i'm off to sit on the balcony with my yarn and needles, a little bevy, and relax... after spending most of the day outside, playing at the park. so fun! hope your house is getting nice and clean for ya :)


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